An Important Message By Sri Naresh Shenoy, Convener, Youth of GSB

At a time when opportunists are trying to spread negativity and fear among the public, Sri Naresh Shenoy, Convener, Youth of GSB, shared his views with the community through a video. Sri Naresh Shenoy highlighted the fact that India had successfully overcome the problems posed by the virus in its first wave and hence, there’s no reason for the public at large to panic. 


The doctors and the scientists have developed a scientific procedure of tackling the virus and the data released by ICMR suggests that we as a country are doing well as we are maintaining a good recovery rate though the virus is spreading at a much faster pace than during the first wave. 


He also brought to light a few tweets by the hate mongers who are hell bent on defaming the current regime and alerted the people of the community to not fall prey to such propaganda. He also shared a positive news about a nasal spray, SaNOtize, developed by Vancouver-based biotech outfit. Sri Naresh Shenoy highlighted the fact that the scientists and the medical community are lauding it as a ‘revolutionary’ product which can enhance the pace of medication. 


To watch the full message, do click on the icon below: