GSB Udyog

The program GSB Udyog seeks to act as a bridge between the employer’s and employee’s of the GSB community. As the changing world order demands a shift in the skill level of the employee and also a shift in the mindset required to excel in modern times, the program seeks to make the youngsters aware of those essential knowledge and skills required to be employable.

Renowned Chartered Accountant Sri MN Pai has become a household name as he takes such keen interest in making the minutest of the details available to the viewers. ‘GSB Udyog’ an initiative of Youth of GSB to ensure the changes in the corporate world are made known to the potential employees, has gained a lot of attention due to the quality of information disseminated and also the quality of speakers sharing their experience and knowledge with the viewers.

The show has witnessed some of the guests who are reckoned as authorities in their particular fields share their knowledge and experience with the viewers for the benefit of the community. The program is aired on the web portal on Wednesdays. Here’s the link to the first show of the series: