Phool Ghantuya

Phool Ghantuya is a unique show initiated by Youth of GSB to bring to light the various types of flower tying methods available. Though the concept of ‘Phool Ghantuche’ is not new to the community and is as old as the history of mankind, the idea of bringing it in a creative way and helping the interested people of the community learn the art, is surely something new for the whole community. 


The people of the community have wholeheartedly accepted the newly launched series and are expressing their joy over the way in which ‘Phool Ghantuche’ is filmed and presented to the audience. Youth of GSB strives to come up with unique yet familiar concepts to rekindle the artistic and cultural heritage that is slowly losing its sheen owing to various factors. 


If you’re attracted by the concept and want to explore more, please do click on the play button to enjoy our new series ‘Phool Ghantuya’.