Lok Saraswat Darshan

Kashmir – Heaven on Earth


There cannot be even one individual in this amazing country who would not want to visit the Deva Bhoomi and stay there to explore the beauty that the Union Territory has to offer. We the members of the GSB Community, who hail from the very place of Deva Bhoomi have always dreamt of paying a visit to the land of the Lords and experience the divine experience the place has to offer. While there were obvious hardships one had to face a few years ago, most of them have been undone, thanks to the abrogation of Article 370. The abrogation of the controversial Article did excite lakhs and lakhs of Saraswath’s across the world and gave them an opportunity to finally breathe a sigh of relief realizing that things will turn back to normal in the coming years. 


While the members of the community were weighing the pros and cons of paying a visit to the Land of the Almighty, our revered Swamiji – HH Srimath Samyamindra Teertha Swamiji called on the members of the community to pay a visit to Kashmir not only to explore the city but also as a reminder to the Kashmiri Pandits that we are behind them, come whatever may. There was no looking back post the Swamiji’s call to the community as ‘Youth of GSB’ took the onus on itself to take the first contingent of GSBites to the Deva Bhoomi. The visit was planned to take place in 2020 but owing to the pandemic that struck the world, the visit was postponed. The first team of community members who had to visit Kashmir in 2020, finally took the flight on 25-03-2021 for a week-long visit. 


The Youth of GSB has only played the role of the facilitator. We only added more fuel to the fire that was already burning in the hundreds and thousands of community members. Though there were obvious concerns about safety during the stay, the desire to get the first hand experience of the place, to go back to the roots, to reclaim the lost glory and more importantly, to breath the same air that the greats of this land have breathed during their times was so overwhelming that we decided to go ahead with the tour. Contrary to our perception, the stay was a safe one and one filled with lots of happy memories. The Youth of GSB took along as many as 90 members of the community during its first ever visit to the Land of the Gods.


To visually experience what we experienced in Kashmir, you can click on the video icon below: