GSB Vyapaar

Youth of GSB has launched a new show – GSB Vyapaar where the business outlets run by people of the community will be featured. The motive behind the show is to motivate the youngsters of the community to take up Entrepreneurship as a career and thus carrying on the age old tradition of the community playing a pivotal role in the economic development of the country. 


The first business outlet to get featured on the newly launched show was ‘Bola’s The Factory Outlet, From Farm to Your Home’. Stating his vision behind the venture Mr. Rajath Kamath, Director, Bola’s Agro Private Limited, said ‘We the people of the community have business in our blood. No one can separate us from commerce and trade. To carry on the 4 generation old business and to ensure that we reach a wider customer base we have started this business. We intend to supply Dry Fruits and Nuts at the Factory price to the customer.’


He shared his journey and how he intends to take the business ahead in the coming days. He also urged the youngsters of the community to look at entrepreneurial opportunities as a way to make a positive impact on the society.  Do watch the full show by clicking on the graphic below: